Jan Depenau, CEO

Our Values

Our company culture is characterized by the fact that we are a small organization where communication and dialogue is in focus. Euro Therm is and should continue to be a pleasant workplace where it is nice to work without it in any way cause us to relax our requirements to each other and the quality we deliver. We are all adults who like to take responsibility for ourselves, the people we work with and for others. We have space for differences, but we are working together as a team to create the best for the company, our customers and our community.

We appreciate accountability, credibility, and empowerment and encourage active responsibility. Our "rules of life" can be expressed as:

"Freedom with responsibility" and "Take the initiative, do not wait for others to do so.

We highly appreciate professionalism and craftsmanship but the focal point of what we are working with is to create satisfied customers. 

Euro Therms mission is to provide energy-efficient solutions to benefit our customers - based on stable and long-lasting relationships, customer focus, openness and accessibility - from idea phase, development and design to installation, commissioning, running in and subsequent service.

Euro Therms vision is to become the preferred supplier / partner within the segment and on the markets in which we operate.

For Euro Therm innovation is an important parameter, we constantly seek to be at the forefront and are we are pleased to participate in projects where new ideas and techniques are tested. We collaborate with various educational institutions and international research units, and following that path we seek to create the right solutions for our customers.





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