A tough story - Danish success despite difficult climatic conditions

Denmark is a wet and cold place where it can be difficult to grow biofuels. Nevertheless, we have generations of experience utilizing biomass for production of heat and power from central power stations. > 60 % of the houses in Denmark supplied by district heating plants and the Danish district heating system are the most widespread heating system of all European countries. A very high and increasing proportion of the houses are being supplied with heat and power produced by biomass.

Severe climate

Ambitious politicians decided that we in Denmark must reduce the use of fossil fuels dramatically in the coming years and replace it with biomass. This places great demands on the plant design and in handling and use of biomass.

Our environment makes it difficult to control the moisture content and quality of the biomass. Euro Therms boiler plants are designed to operate with up to 60% moisture in the wood chips and we have the highest efficiency in the class. We meet all environmental demands and our emissions are well below legal demands.


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